About Us


Resero Power is a unique developer of integrated ‘Power Generation’ and ‘Integrated Demand Side’ Projects with focus on zero or very low carbon footprints. We favour the development of Renewables in an environment of Micro Smart Grids, where Wind, PV, Storage, Demand management and back up traditional generation (such as LNG2Power or waste-to-energy) are fully integrated. Giving the benefit of a total sustainable and energy efficiency project, using our sister company’s VPS | Virtual Power Solutions technology for the integration platform of different generation assets.

Company Profile


If its either the combination of wind energy with solar, biomass and waste-to-energy projects, or LNG2Power using small-scale technology for the sector, Resero Power with its Partners will develop, design, construct and manage integrated IPP’s (Independent Power Plants) with the aim of contributing to the population’s energy needs by producing cleaner energy from renewable or lowest carbon sources, according to a precise business plan based on the diversification of production technologies and geographical areas.

We utilize this concept to choose our investments and allocation of human resources, mitigating risks and capitalising on market opportunities, with the objective to give the Shareholders and Clients best value for money.

Choosing our Partners carefully and applying the principle of risk sharing as well as raising adequate funding, be it development capital, equity or senior debt, the company will drive significant benefits by diversifying the risk profiles connected with the design, construction and management of the plants.

The differentiation in the geographical location of the projects also reduces risks related to the laws and legislative environments in each country, and provides a greater degree of flexibility with regard the ultimate design and structure of the investments.

The expertise of the Promoters of Resero Power covers the entire life cycle of a project:


  • pre-feasibility and feasibility studies,
  • technical & economical evaluation,
  • optimum design of the plant, and financial model
  • executions (preparation of contracts with technical specifications as well as contractual documents, negotiation and assignment of contracts and construction supervision),
  • O&M (operation and maintenance) with the knowhow operator,
  • Ongoing asset & portfolio management.


One big advantage of the company is the experience of the Management Team in de-risking projects by the early identification and mitigation of risk in each project with the aim of maximizing value in the project for all stakeholders.

Vision & Strategy


Our Vision is to build up a Portfolio of ‘Generating Assets’ based on zero or very low carbon footprints to help Communities and end users benefit from low cost power provided either in Community Micro Grids or integrated in sustainable energy grids benefiting from an energy saving platform with the use of IoT in a Circular Economy Environment.

Our strategy is to partner with companies that have either projects or technology to deliver integrated solutions to meet our Vision, and access the most competitive and structured finance packages in the Financial Markets for Development Capital, Equity and Senior Debt, enabling the company to deliver the best return to its shareholders.

Sustainable Mission


Resero Power’s mission lies in its commitment to the production of cleaner energy, as well as the principles of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

In accordance with our principles, we reconcile the importance of being competitive with an increasing focus on the environment via a policy of innovation and economic growth that makes the best possible use of natural resources.

We always try to combine the principles of ‘Circular Economy’ using ‘IoT’ to integrate the technologies in our Projects and bring awareness to the environment as well as introduce ‘Education Principles’ to the Countries where we are working.