Community Energy

Connected, dynamically managed, local utility provider

Community Energy of the future has to be more than just renewable generation.

It must provide direct benefits to all members by minimising and dynamically managing consumption and  maximising the level of embedded renewable generation with the security provided by the existing network infrastructure

Launch partner community:

Corby Community Energy Ltd.

UK Future Energy Market

“Our existing power stations are closing down and their replacements will be radically different as we decarbonise supply to reduce emissions. This represents an enormous challenge, but it also leaves the UK uniquely placed to benefit from three exciting innovations set to transform the global electricity market – interconnection, storage and demand flexibility.”

Lord Adonis Q1 2016

Government policy is driving the solutions towards the demand side

Connected, local, community, networks are seen as a key element of the future solution.

Macro Drivers

  • UK Government is committed to a low carbon future and is continuing to close carbon fuel based, central, generation

  • Significant investments in renewable generation has created knock on issues for the management of the electricity grid

  • Increasing focus is being placed on the demand side as a means of managing the overall energy balance

  • UK Government remains committed to the role out of smart meters and the implementation of differential tariffs to drive the management of peak generation.

  • Current legislation prevents speculative investment in the existing grid and leads to innovation being needed on the demand side to balance the future grid

Supporting Legislation

  • Increasing focus from UK Government on the needs of regulating and facilitating Demand Side measures such as storage and demand flexibility

  • Call for evidence on ‘Smart Networks’ expected from DECC in Q2 2016

  • Community Energy seen as a key pillar of the future electricity network

Unique Opportunity

  • The current macro environment provides a unique opportunity to create a connected utility company that addresses the needs of consumers as well as addresses the macro constraints that currently exist in the UK Energy market.

Community Energy – The Traditional View

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Community Energy – The Traditional View – It’s all about Renewable Generation!

  • Community energy is an important part of the UK energy picture

  • According to DECC, at least 5,000 community energy groups have been set up in the UK since 2008

  • Traditional schemes have been well supported and brought value to communities

  • The amount of energy produced is very small. c60MW in January 2014

  • New schemes are becoming harder as subsidies fall and grid connection issues increase

  • In many cases the energy produced isn’t directly used by the community

  • They tend to ignore the issues of inefficient consumption and demand peaks

  • Some estimates suggest community energy has the potential to supply more than 20% of the UK’s renewable electricity by 2020

  • But it’s unlikely that traditional renewable generation will provide a solution that works with existing grid challenges

1  DECC, Community Energy Strategy: Full Report, January 2014

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Community Energy – Overview

Traditionally ‘Community Energy’ has been based around, subsidised, renewable generation schemes.

  • Only focus on generation

  • Required significant subsidies

  • Don’t focus on energy efficiency

  • ‘Add’ to the problems of capacity & intermittency on the grid

  • Benefits are provided in the form of ’Community funds’

  • Don’t encourage a ‘one community’ approach to energy

  • Future needs to work without subsidies and the uncertainty they bring

  • A strong focus on managing the total level and timing of consumption is critical

  • Community energy that works ‘hand in hand’ with the needs of the local grid

  • Ability to minimise cost  and trade, freely, it’s own energy

  • Changing landscape for renewable subsidies

  • Fall in generating reserve is putting more focus on efficient consumption

  • Access to the grid is increasingly challenging

  • Emergence of a ‘trading’ model which provides lower cost to community consumers

  • Growth has been driven by large subsidies for renewable schemes

  • Energy Efficiency largely ignored

  • Access to the grid a key driver of growth

  • Collective switching the only route to lower energy bills

Community Energy of the future will manage demand as well as supply

  • Primary focus on demand management

  • Work without subsidies

  • Have Energy efficiency at it’s ‘core’

  • Work in partnership with the grid to manage peak consumption & renewable generation

  • All members directly benefit from lower energy bills

  • The whole community can work together for the ‘communities’ benefit

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Community Energy

A progressive route to energy optimisation















with the


Local Trading

and Tariffs

Community Energy – Summary

Scalable utility company, building and managing integrated local networks with community based partners

Connected Communities

  • Dynamic Management of Consumption to minimise usage & tariff costs and maximise the use of local, embedded generation

  • A truly connected community able to dynamically minimise the total cost of energy across the community

  • Partnership for first community company already in place

Dynamic, Integrated Platform

  • A community wide, connected, software platform capable of, real-time management of demand

  • A local network optimising embedded generation, storage and the local grid

  • A long term, low cost energy tariff available to all community members

Scalable Future Utility

  • RCE is the Master Service Provider (MSP) to the local community companies.

  • RCE is the buyer of energy from and the supplier of energy to the local community companies

  • Opportunity to create a network of local, community based companies, supported centrally by RCE

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Community Energy

A progressive route to energy optimisation















with the


Local Trading

and Tariffs

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Community Energy – Social Value

“Social value is a way of thinking about how scarce resources are allocated and used. It involves looking beyond the price and looking at what the collective benefit to a community is …”

(Public Services Act 2012)

Local Benefit

  • Lower costs for the community

  • Local employment and development opportunities


  • Minimise consumption

  • Better energy management and  better energy savings

  • Focus on low cost, low carbon, sustainable energy


Continuous Improvement

  • Community focus on ongoing reductions

  • Leverage the power of the community

  • Increase awareness of climate change

  • Make a difference locally on an important global issue

Community Wide Participation

  • All parts of the community targeted

  • Potential to engage the less economically advantaged social groups

  • Use learning of some to benefit all

Community Energy – A 3 Step Process

Community Energy – An Integrated, Connected Future

  • Connecting and controlling demand is first step for future community energy

  • Using the visibility and control within the community to minimise consumption drives long term benefits

  • Generating & sharing energy within the community in synergy with the local grid generates long term, low cost, sustainable, secure energy for all


  • Energy Management platform installed in every building

  • Real-time consumption data for every user

  • Full automation to optimise savings

  • ‘Sub communities’ benchmark like users


  • Community Efficiency Programmes to drive best practice

  • Leverage the knowledge of the Community to evaluate and adopt energy efficient technology

  • Target minimum consumption for each Community Member

  • Active consumption management future proofs the Community


  • Optimise embedded generation and energy storage

  • Work with the local DNO to minimise use of system costs

  • Create the ability for the Community to ‘self supply’ its energy at lowest cost


Connected Utility Platform utilising VPS Technology

An integrated, dynamic and smart Community Energy Management System

with cost effective offerings for domestic and non domestic customers

Energy Storage

Optimisation of local generation by
balancing demand & supply with local storage

Local Generation


access to embedded

storage to enabled peak demand management

Active Demand

Management System

Provision of low cost power

to traders from stored reserves or by taking demand off grid, via a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Optimised cost

of consumption by
automatic Selection

of lowest cost


Energy efficiency
driven by real time
visibility & control

of demand

Community Consumers


Launch Community – Corby Community Energy Ltd

Corby is one of the fast growing towns in one of the fastest growing regions in the UK, and is half way through a 30 year strategic journey to double in size from 50,000 to 100,000 people.

A strategic plan established in the early 2000’s has been backed by significant investment in infrastructure over the last decade by the public and private sector and has seen Corby grow at twice the national average rate with a particular focus on achieving high levels of sustainability. Corby also has twice the national average manufacturing employment (29%) with a range of large energy users such as Tata, Tayto and Roquette.

To date the focus of change has been on the built environment, education and transport but there is now a clear recognition that the constraints and limitations that affect electricity supply national are writ large in Corby and are restricting the towns sustainable growth ambitions.

Electric Corby CIC established a Community Energy initiative in 2013 to begin addressing issues of domestic and non-domestic ‘switching’ and the decentralised supply on local renewable electricity.

In 2015, Electric Corby developed a connected strategy with the support of Resero Power to establish Corby Community Energy Ltd and deliver a new and effective approach to Community Energy. 


Community Energy – Electric Corby CIC

Electric Corby has a significant track record of, successfully, delivering energy and sustainability programmes across the community in Corby. Our ambition to stay at the forefront of this exciting sector means that a new, integrated, Community Energy initiative is our perfect next step.

Community Energy

Community Energy has always been a guiding principle of ours. In ???? we launched our first community initiative based around collective switching.

Providing the community with access to 100% green energy whilst ensuring they receive a competitive tariff.

100% Green
110% Corby

Zero Energy Bill Homes

Minimising consumption is the best way of managing our future energy needs. Ensuring homes and buildings require the minimum amount of energy to operate effectively is critical.

We are already near completion of our first 8 Zero Energy Bill (ZEB) homes. Where no energy bills are guaranteed for the first two years.

Following this success we are developing a second phase of 50 ZEB homes.

Clean Tech Hub

We have created a ‘Clean Tech Hub’ in the heart of Corby, providing a physical, and virtual, focal point for all our future activities.

A physical facility for businesses, researchers, organisations and influencers to meet, collaborate, discover and network.

We’ve created a virtual space too, that brings like-minded people together with the added convenience of technology.

Electric Vehicle Charging

We have ensured that corby has been at the forefront of the EV revolution. Playing an integral part in Plugged-in-Midlands (PiM), we have already developed ?? charging points across Corby with a further ?? planed over the next 18 months.