Resero Power is an Integrated Power Project Development company. Delivering innovative projects on both the supply and demand side, Resero Power works in developed and developing markets, usually with strong local Partners.


The Founders of the company have a very wide experience in Renewables (Wind, Biomass, Small Hydro), Waste-to-Energy (W2E), Combined Heat and Power (CHP), LNG-to-Power (LNG2Power), Isolated Networks, Storage and Micro Grids as well as Community Energy Management and Demand Side Response.


Our ability of Project Finance Non-Recourse with access to the Financial Markets enables us to look at projects and/or technologies that can be translated into sustainable and feasible economic projects.


We are continuing to strengthen our professional and experienced Management Team that are implementing a range of projects, with a clear mandate of sustainability with integration of the Circular Economy using IoT platforms.


Be part of our world and become a Partner to develop your project with us!

About Us

Resero Power is a unique developer of integrated ‘Power Generation’ and ‘Integrated Demand Side’ Projects with focus on zero or very low carbon footprints. We favour the development of Renewables in an environment of Micro Smart Grids, where Wind, PV, Storage, Demand management and back up traditional generation (such as LNG2Power or waste-to-energy) are fully integrated. Giving the benefit of a total sustainable and energy efficiency project, using our sister company’s VPS | Virtual Power Solutions technology for the integration platform of different generation assets.


Our Business

As an Integrated Power Project developer, and with many years of experience in different project developments of Waste to Energy (W2E), Wind, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Biomass, Solar, Emergency Power Plants and Isolated Networks as well as large gas infrastructures with CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbines) as anchor to the gas network, we are always looking for projects that stand alone or are an integration of various technologies. We partner with Companies that are Technology driven or in themselves are also developers wanting to share or looking for our expertise in the structuring of the project associated with our knowledge and fundraising expertise.

​Our expertise and knowhow can be translated into five sectors:​


  • Renewable Energies (Wind, Biomass, PV Solar, Storage-Batteries) & Waste to Energy
  • Small Scale LNG to Power
  • Micro Smart Grids & Community Energy Management
  • Waste to Biofuels and Hydrogen
  • Developing technologies for Climate Change

Contact Us


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Email: info@reseropower.com


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